Modern Approaches to Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Purpose of the Paper: To outline the essential features of an approach that helps enhance recovery after elective surgery.

Key Points: The authors provide an evidence-based overview of the enhanced-recovery-after-surgery program. They highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to providing care at all steps of the perioperative period. Also, the paper focuses on the following benefits of the fast-track-surgery concept: better outcomes of surgical treatment, lower rates of complications, reduced health-care costs and, not the least important, better-quality hospital stay and higher patient satisfaction with medical services.

I. N. Pasechnik — Central State Medical Academy at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow. E-mail: pasigor@yandex.ru

A. G. Nazarenko — Clinical Hospital at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow. E-mail: info@presidentclinic.ru

R. R. Gubaidullin — Central State Medical Academy at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow. E-mail: tempcor@list.ru

E. I. Skobelev — Central State Medical Academy at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow. E-mail: scobelev@hotmail.com

A. Yu. Borisov — Clinical Hospital at the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow. E-mail: torn1234@mail.ru

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