Atypical Endometriosis of the Urinary Bladder: a Clinical Case

For citation: Bairamova N. N., Protasova A. E., Raskin G. A., Yarmolinskaya M. I., Bairamov Kh. N., Drozdov A. A. Atypical Endometriosis of the Urinary Bladder: a Clinical Case. Doctor.Ru. 2018. 6(150): 61–66.
10 september 2018

Objective of the Paper: To describe a clinical case of atypical endometriosis (AEM) of the urinary bladder.

Key Points: The paper describes a first-hand observation of a clinical case of AEM of the urinary bladder in a woman of reproductive age. The authors propose a panel of immunohistochemical markers that will improve the diagnosis of AEM, viewed as a morphological precancerous condition. They also discuss the latest data from the literature on the specific aspects of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical course, treatment methods, and risk factors for malignant transformation of this rare condition.

Conclusion: Challenges in the differential diagnosis and histological verification of AEM of the urinary bladder make it necessary to evaluate the immunohistochemical expression of the BAF250a (ARID1a), β-catenin, PTEN, Ki-67, and p53 markers. Curative resection of areas of endometriosis combined with long-term adjuvant treatment with dienogest is the most effective therapeutic approach.

N. N. Bairamova — St. Petersburg State University. E-mail: nurana.bayramova@yandex.ru

A. E. Protasova — St. Petersburg State University. I. I. Mechnikov Northwestern State Medical University, St. Petersburg. V. A. Almazov National Medical Research Center, St. Petersburg. OOO AVA-PETER, St. Petersburg. E-mail: protasova1966@yandex.ru

G. A. Raskin — St. Petersburg State University. A. M. Granov Russian Scientific Center for Radiology and Surgical Technologies, St. Petersburg. E-mail: rasking@list.ru

M. I. Yarmolinskaya — I. I. Mechnikov Northwestern State Medical University, St. Petersburg. D. O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine, St. Petersburg. E-mail: m.yarmolinskaya@gmail.com

Kh. N. Bairamov — St. Petersburg State University. E-mail: khikmet.bairam@gmail.com

A. A. Drozdov — St. Petersburg State University. E-mail: a_a_drozdov@mail.ru

10 September 14:22
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