Impact of Diffusion Parameters on Drug Thresholds in Tissues

Bibliography link: Nartsissov Ya. R., Mashkovtseva E. V., Boronovskiy S. E. Impact of Diffusion Parameters on Drug Thresholds in Tissues. Doctor.Ru. 2017; 8(137): 28–31.
13 October 00:00

Study Objective: Тo determine the common rules of formation of an area in tissues where the drug concentration exceeds the threshold value.

Study Design: Оpen analytical comparative study.

Materials and Methods: Spatiotemporal gradients were modelled for drug concentration near its source (a blood vessel or an injection site). A universal virtual phantom of a local tissue area was used for modelling. The results are presented as the dependence of the diffusion area size with the concentration exceeding the threshold value, on the combination of physical and chemical parameters of the environment and source density.

Study Results: It has been found out that irrespective of the drug class, the diffusing material gradient significantly drops in the vicinity of the source surface provided that the ratio of the diffusion coefficient to the constant of drug absorption by tissue is less than the square of the mean radius of an elementary source. Growth in phantom source density will cause increase in the area with higher drug concentration. At the same time, increase in the threshold value of the drug in the test area is greatly dependant on the constant drug concentration on the source surface.

Conclusion: In order to reach the therapeutic effect of a drug in a local area it is required not only to raise the dose, but also to use chemical compounds with the optimal combination of diffusive properties.

Ya. R. Nartsissov — Scientific and Research Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Moscow. E-mail:

E. V. Mashkovtseva — Scientific and Research Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Moscow. E-mail:

S. E. Boronovskiy — Scientific and Research Institute of Cytochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Moscow. E-mail:

13 October 00:00
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